Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend: Stressful and difficult

In Thursday's session A asked me a lot of questions about binging and the thoughts, feelings and emotions I experience when it comes to food and body.

This has actually inhibited me from blogging until now because the simple fact is that I don't know what those are.

One important thing about binges that she told me is they are much more likely if the body is starving from failure to have proper breakfast. So I've been focusing on that and it has helped.

Also when I'm dieting, because I have so many rules about what I'll eat, when and how much, eating a single celery stick out of expectations (typically something like "I've eaten too much now I won't have anything until J is ready for dinner") then it's like when an alcoholic has just one drink and it's very hard to stop!!!

So that's why I have to explore that feeling and stabilise the eating I do. So I'm not like some horrible food junkie all the time, up down, starving, vomiting and so on.

Dear ED. Get out and leave me in peace!!! From W

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