Monday, January 5, 2009

Vague, dopey, but getting over it

All the rich, sweet and artificial food of the season certainly takes its toll. So do the interrupted sleep cycles and long afternoon naps that left us both feeling completely dopey the last few days.

For breakfast today I just had a little grapefruit and some other fruit. For lunch I had plenty of cereal and for dinner a nice big bowl of soup and plenty of salad.

I was feeling extremely dopey and slow all day like someone had fed me zombie powder or got me stoned! But I ate well and drank plenty of water and it's clearing up and J thinks I got plenty of housework done.

Work starts again tomorrow so I hope to start up my exercise again before and after work. I know I've been thinking about it all week but I've been feeling pretty bad about everything and it's been getting me down. And when I'm down it's hard to get the energy for anything.

Wish me luck tomorrow! I really don't know if I can handle it!!

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