Friday, January 2, 2009

Still tired but feeling stronger: Diary 2 January 2009

8:30 am | 60 kg | BMI 18.3

I haven't been very precise about my eating habits lately.  I think it's just that I'm trying not to think about the exact food I'm eating.  It only seems to go down properly if I eat mindlessly!

I know my goal is to be aware of my eating so I'll try to improve.

My head is still sore and I'm still thirsty.  Another big jug of water for me today!

I've a mountain of ironing to do and it's time to wash some clothes too.

Food is all prepared from yesterday so should be no problem.

2:00 pm

After writing the above I went back to sleep until about 12:30! Then when I woke up properly I had a huge bowl of miso soup with a little bit of last night's veggie soup mixed in and about a dozen grapes.  Such a big breakfast!

My jobs for today:
  1. Make sure the kitchen is clean and tidy (just a little extra washing on the dishes and stuff)
  2. Make sure the clothes are ironed and put away
  3. Get to the gym for another 1.6 km run at 6.4 km/h on incline 0.5 and a set of strength training.
  4. This is the nice bit! When I've done all the above I'm going to treat myself with some sewing!!
I'm thinking I'll probably be making green curry for dinner (since Friday is traditionally our date night) but I'm serving it with salad so it's half a plate of salad, a bowl of rice and just a little curry.  I think J will like that!

Yaay! So I've made a big jug of iced green tea with lemon and I've had half a red bull and some chewing gum.  And that's it!

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