Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Setting priorities

...because basically every decision about what action to take expresses a priority. A very disturbed person I used to know would often remark that he could have whatever he wanted because he knew his priorities were messed up. On some level though, and allowing for statistical and even Heizenberg uncertainty, each of us typically gets what we want because each of us makes thousands of decisions each day selecting from our available options according to our priorities. Sometimes these decisions don't work out but overwhelmingly, situations and people can be influenced toward a particular outcome.

So when making a decision it's important to be aware of your priorities and the likely outcomes of your actions.

My final thought for you is this: If you're not directing your future towards a positive outcome, who is? Because chances are that you'll start living the life that it benefits those people for you to live.

Choose success!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for that reminder.