Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Puritans are cranky about alcohol

So I'm not entirely sure what the problem is but there's been an enormous tax hike on pre-mix drinks - as if drinks weren't expensive enough as it is in Australia! It's often over $100 for a bottle of champagne so you only end up ordering something you can afford and getting trashed instead of sozzled. I at least try to stick to good quality vodka but sometimes you feel like wine and you really pay for it with either your cash or your health!!!

Anyway I digress.

Smirnoff are a bunch of smart-asses so they just made a citrusy flavoured pre-mix out of purified beer and didn't call it vodka even though their brand name basically implies that it is.

Now the puritans are in a flap about how dare they exploit a loophole in the definition of fun to get everyone drunk at a reasonable price again. Teenagers won't know it's alcoholic and will binge drink!! Won't SOMEBODY think of the children!

Honestly this puritan vs hedonism attitude is most of the reason I ended up with ED. Maybe we should all just learn to enjoy ourselves a little bit instead of holding ourselves to unrealistic standards and then going out binge drinking because it's impossible to be healthy!

And maybe I should just eat what I want when I'm comfortable rather than caring what anyone else thinks of me.


Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about your binge motivation episode last week. I note that despite your extreme urges, you ended up consuming only about the number of calories you would have consumed had you eaten lunch as part of a 1500 calorie day. I wonder if having had breakfast moderated the binge behaviour (if not the thoughts). Also, I have a feeling that if you'd planned a lunch instead of falling into a binge, you would have chosen a more balanced assortment of food. Lastly, I wonder if planning and consuming a moderate lunch would have diminished or eliminated altogether the binge urges. (I do know, though, how very difficult planning and eating a reasonable meal can be when one feels called to restrict.)

Best wishes for the week, and thank you for putting up with my meanderings,


Anonymous said...

You haven't posted in a while. Hope you're OK.


Anonymous said...

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