Sunday, January 11, 2009

J's party

We arrived at 4:20.

At 4:40 I realised that I was getting a bit worn down and had a handfull of grapes.

At 5:30 J got me a big glass of cranberry juice with plenty of ice. I'm pretty headachey so I'm happy to stay hungry and vague but it makes it hard to join in the conversation.

With my juice I'm also having a few more grapes and my friend is also making me a coffee cos I seem to need the energy. I suppose.

At 6:30 shooters started getting handed around. I had something coconutty on top and maybe raspberry underneath.

At 7:30 I've abandoned the other half of my juice, it's too sweet!!! I've just had 2 more grapes though.

I feel like such a nerd tracking all my food. I think our host is about to put together apple martinis. Mmmm... But so much superfluous sugar!! He's diabetic so he's even more of a sweet-tooth than I am!

Oh, ok. It's shooters of frangelico and chambord.

At 8 o'clock the next drinks are sugary too. I had a few tastes of the shooter and chaser and just gave it to J. Too much sugar!!!

By 9 o'clock I've had what has to be my last drink: frangelico. I mixed the other half with my second espresso. Because it's the healthy way to stay awake, energetic and dancing!

At 9:50 dinner's done! 2 small plates of barbecue: 2 tofus, an eggplant slice, 2 sweet potato slices and 2 zucchini slices then about a cup of grapes for dessert. I'm such a fat whale!!!!!!

At 10 o'clock I give in and have half a glass or whatever of absolut raspberry.

At 11 o'clock I'm peckish again but realise I must have had about 1500 cals or more just at the party. So I'm just pushing through it, dancing and thinking about staying sober enough to have a good time, and eating little enough to stay slim. I'm even thinking about a midnight jog although I know it's not going to happen! I'm trying to line up a morning walk though. My friend is spinning the vinyl, the grooves are mellow and I don't need to eat!!!

11:30 - we're such nerds, we're playing Wii Fit! My random BMI was 18.47 and my balance was atrocious. It said my Wii Fit age is 36!!! Most of the others are bummed because their Mii suddenly became really cute and chubby!!!

I blame alcohol for all negative readings. ;)

We've realised this is awesome and we really want one!!

I've also lined up a 9 o'clock walking date.

Midnight. Time for sleepybies!!

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