Saturday, January 10, 2009

I love jogging!

Mmmmm fitness. It gives me that warm feeling inside to know that I have the capacity to run away from dangerous things!!

Today I ran 2km at 6.4 km/h with an incline of 0.5. For American readers, a mile is about 1.6km so I did 1.25 miles.

And I really enjoyed it! Even though it was just on the treadmill and no uphill, it was still really fun and amazingly easy. Most exercise bores me after the first 5 minutes but I was on the treadmill for nearly 20 and look forward to more next time when I'm feeling even healthier.

For some great tips on running technique check out I always found running really intimidating but it turns out even someone with my mediocre fitness can get through a small jog!

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