Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fit and healthy: Diary for 11 January

7:20 am | 59.5 kg | BMI 18.2

I'm assuming that this morning's weight loss is either dehydration or flushing out water retention.  I don't see how I would have lost anything.

This morning I'm feeling a bit stiff across the shoulders, maybe from doing some weights yesterday.

I'm starting the day with plenty of water and just doing some gentle exercise to stretch and warm up.

7:50 am

By now I've finished a healthy breakfast: Some soy yoghurt (about 125 g) with some nuts and seeds sprinkled over the top. (About 2-3 tbsp - one brazil nut, 3 almonds, a walnut, some flax seeds)

The whole thing's about 250 Cals.  Unusually high concentration for my breakfast but it's good to mix it up and have something different.  Not sure what we're doing for dinner tonight so it could be wise to go easy at lunch time.

2:30 pm Update

On my walk, say at about 11:00, I had an espresso and added a serve of raw sugar.  Nom nom nom! My sweet-tooth was happy!

When I got home at around 1 o'clock I was absolutely exhausted!!! Including the coffee and some shopping (I'm sewing a fabric I bought right now) I made up some lunch: tofu pieces in lemon juice with tahini and nutritional yeast flakes.  High in protein, iron, calcium and B vitamins.  Right now I'm thinking about eating some of the leftovers but instead I'm having a cup of tea (ginger, orange rind, lemon pieces and goji) and I'll be making some blueberry milkshakes later.

Update 12:11 am

I've a few more food items to report from this afternoon.

At 4 o'clock I made us some blueberry smoothies with almonds, a little flax and a spoon of date spread to sweeten it up.  Very yummy but way too filling! I drank it all but felt very icky for a while.

At 7:30 I was quite tired after a brief shopping expedition and visit to a friend to borrow some videos... so I put together a very basic stir-fry vegetables using the leftover tofu and some sweet potato and other veggies.  I was rather hungry so I drank about 4 big glasses of water with it.  

I had some nibbles from the fruit platter I put together for dessert too.

Nitey nite!!!

Fat, exhausted but satisfied.  I've had a really good day and it had almost nothing to do with food! I did some really wonderful sewing, I have a brand new scarf to wear to work tomorrow and I got through some difficult conversations with J.

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