Friday, January 9, 2009

Feeling healthier: Diary resumes for 9 January 2009

9:30 am | 61 kg

Breakfast time! I'm having a bowl of fruit and a bowl of miso. I'm still sick so I've made up some ginger tea to drink during the day.

Right now I'm feeling really fat and thinking about all the exercise I'm going to do when it doesn't hurt my head to jolt around. Canberra fun run, look out! I only hope it eats into fat instead of muscle tissue.

12:56 pm

For lunch I've just finished a bowl of rice and veggies flavoured with lemon, tamari and a little miso. Yum! I even went back for a few more bites of green veggies before I was able to control myself.

Cooking makes me peckish so I had 2 celery stalks while I was waiting for it to finish.  Celery is delicious and I plan to chop some up for afternoon tea later on if I get hungry.

8:50 pm

For afternoon tea at 2:30 I had some celery sticks, a bowl of rice and veggies and a bowl of fruit. I also "tasted" while cooking some cupcakes that J of course hates.

For dinner I've just had some pie shared with J and then some fruit salad with strawberry yoghurt. I didn't really want it, I was just doing it for J.  I also had some more "taste" of his cupcake and we had some veggie juice and celery while the pie was cooking.

Now I feel as fat as this food will make me!!! If I wasn't falling asleep from the virus I'd be in the gym or out drinking coffee and staying up all night ironing or something.

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