Monday, January 12, 2009

Easily distracted: therapy goals

Today I'm a bit tired on account of all the staying up late once I started feeling healthier again. The only way I know to deal with getting tired is getting hyperactive on stimulants. That, or overeating.

Not an ideal situation.

I don't feel sleepy - I don't want to lie down. I just want to take something into my body that will counteract the tiredness I am experiencing.

Of course apart from really strong drugs that I wouldn't take... there's no such thing.

So here I am interpreting tiredness as hungriness just because I have an obsession. If I didn't have this obsession I would be able to push through the tiredness, make the most of what energy I have rather than dedicating it all to thoughts of food I don't want to distract me.

I'm basically willing the hours to tick by, watching the clock, celebrating each minute passed without eating anything.

This leaves very little time to enjoy my job or to do a good job of it!

I can't wait til I stop obsessing and just work through the morning to lunch time then work through the afternoon to home time and then relax when I get home!

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