Monday, January 12, 2009

Diary for 12 January 2009

6:30 am | 60 kg | BMI 18.3

Breakfast was what amounted to a heaping bowl of quinoa with savoury yeast flakes and soy sauce for flavouring and a tiny handfull of currants.

I'll add that I didn't really enjoy it but you gotta eat what you gotta eat! I have to get my vitamins and protein into me somehow!

10:12 am

At the office. ARRRRHHH!!!

I've had 2 cups of green tea this morning: one with peppermint before I left the house and one with ginger in the office. I've also had 2 sugarfree mints. I drove to the office and I'm already off the calorie dial!!!

I want to have so much coffee and speed that I don't have to think all day!

Hey actually I think I have red bull in the fridge. Well it's an option for later if I get totally stressed out!

11:00 am

Oh dear, it's going to be one of those days! Here I am exhausted and all that and I can't help thinking about what I'm going to put into my body. I can't just be strong on my own and ride it out.

Well, that's what I intend to do! I'm strong and I don't have to obsess about food if I don't want to!

I'm having a coffee with some milk I conveniently left in the fridge last week. Still good! I'm not supposed to be counting calories but quinoa is fattening! I'm already up to 500!!!

1:00 pm

I had my lunch basically right on 12 o'clock: A grapefruit, 3 prunes, 2 of my 19-calorie rice crackers and a nice cup of green chai. I'm about to have another cup of tea - this is yummy!

Finally I'm feeling a lot less hungry than I was a while back!!

2:00 pm

I'm having another cup of tea and a piece of licorice. The licorice is less calories than if I had milk in coffee: I think it's 17 cals a piece. A little sugar buzz to get me through the next couple of hours!

5:30 pm

I had a second piece of licorice at about 4 o'clock and plenty of tea for the rest of the afternoon. I'm exhausted from all today's work now!! Just got to go a bit past 5:30 or so and then I can go have some fun!!!

12:30 am

Final update for the day! We had dinner at  about 7. I made a green salad dressed with lemon juice and carefully picked out the lettuce, cucumber, snow-pea, a few pieces of carrot and plenty of celery! I just wasn't hungry... We shared a bowl so I can't be sure but I think I ate about 2 cups max.  Of course that meant J ate all the avocado (I barely tasted it, just a smear of it was on one of my leaves) but I only chopped half a one so I'm sure he'll be OK.

At around 9 we had Greek coffee and shared a plate of fruit.  I had about 6 grapes, some watermelon and a few pieces of grapefruit.

Later on, maybe 10 or 11 I did start to get hungry so I had a stalk of celery.  No problems!

The only problem was not exercising but I'm actually still sore from yesterday's walk and Saturday's dance and very tired, so maybe that's just as well! 

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