Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Second day home sick

6:17 pm | 60 kg | BMI 18.3

My head is sore, my tummy is dizzy.  

The foggy head I had the last few days before going back to work turned out to be some nasty bug that I've been at home fighting off because I'm too sick to really stare at a computer screen.  Today even my muscles were shaking a bit so it must be some virus thingy.

I've been eating light food, generally liquid stuff - and keeping my fluids up anyway.

I'm feeling a bit too icky to eat much and I can't really remember exactly what my meals have been, just rice porridge and almond milk today and some salad for dinner last night (shared with J) and a nibble on the laksa he went out and got himself for supper around 8 o'clock.

Right now he's gone out to get us some take-away as I'm not really well enough to cook, even just left-over rice porridge.  I'm craving tofu so he's getting me a soy chicken soup to fix what ails me!

I've spent the mornings sleeping and the afternoons just sort of sitting around.  Yesterday I sewed a bag for J to put his dry cleaning in and today I've been reading Starship Troopers.  And plenty of Star Trek of course!

I'm thinking about sewing a dress or something to motivate me to keep slim but right now I'm too sick to focus on sewing anything at all, even this cute calico handbag with pink lining I've been working on.

I think exercising might help my body get rid of the toxins more easily so I'll do some exercise when it cools off this evening.  The BOM says not to expect a cool change until tomorrow but it's looking pretty grey and windy outside so I hope it cools off a bit overnight at least.

Um... so yeah that's about it.  I'm trying not to think about J going out for food and instead just updating my diary, reading my book and making some soothing lemon tea!

Not thinking "thin" - just trying not to worry!

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