Sunday, January 11, 2009

Artist captures the anorexic ideal

Artist Ivonne Thien, in an attempt to mock the thin ideal and pro-ana has accidentally created a collection of images that pro-ana is calling beautiful and the art world is calling confronting and grotesque and stuff.  The collection, Thirty-two Kilos, can be previewed on Ivonne's website however anyone in Washington should go see it - and I'd encourage (beg) Ivonne to bring her work to the National Gallery of Australia!!! My preview image came from the Washington Post article offering much more analysis than I can cover.  But I wanted to add this:

I'm ashamed to admit that these pictures basically represent the ideal I would wish to achieve.

Unlike some other pro-ana art there are few indications that the models are unwell - no hideously protruding body parts, no weird curves or strange angles.  The bodies are curled up and stretched out into all sorts of interesting poses without any protruding "excess" - it's pure beauty, with all the humanity sucked out! The digitally enhanced women are so loooong and caught in the moment they look so graceful...

I would be fascinated to see the raw, unaltered images.  This would truly be a statement on fashion and the thin ideal!

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