Saturday, December 27, 2008

Test #2 and "eater's remorse"

I feel so fat and enormous after the huge lunch I ate and particularly for going back in for a second piece of watermelon and then the muffin!

I really should put on my hat and walk down to the bottom of the hill! That would at least make some contribution toward burning off all the disgusting food and fat!

Why I'm so lazy and sitting on my butt when I could be exercising is a huge mystery! Waaahhh! I'm really harsh on myself! Nothing in life is ever good enough for Widget.

If I thought it was going to help I'd go throw up. Instead I'll make some more green tea. It might help keep me from falling asleep in the Summer heat.

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Widget said...

Well at least I got one thing right: I can now email to my blog!
Oh life's not so bad, I'm just rather disgusting to look at or be, not a dealbreaker, just not ideal.