Friday, December 19, 2008

I think the reason I eat so quickly... that I don't like having my mouth full.

And I think the reason that I just keep popping food into my mouth is that I have this notion that when I've eaten enough suddenly I'll have all this focus and energy and it'll be great!

(I just caught myself reaching for the rice crackers which is fine but actually my stomach has already had about all it can handle and there should be plenty of energy flying through my system at the moment from all the candy. I'm having ginkgo instead.)

I think the reason I always want to exercise is that I really want to be this strong, fit person who has endurance and strength and isn't afraid of situations where she might have to run.

I think I want to be slim because excess fat just doesn't match the image of the strong, confident, successful person I want to be.

So where's the mistake in my logic? Anyone?

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