Friday, December 26, 2008

Food, exercise and body image diary 26 December 2008

10:23 am | 181 cm | 60 kg | BMI 18.3

Happy Boxing Day everyone.

Not such a good one for me.  I'm feeling rather numb today with the bad news from overnight.

I had two bowls of weak miso with tofu and veggies for breakfast and I'm now just wandering around aimlessly thinking about cleaning and stuff.

I tend to not really eat when I'm miserable even though there's a lot of comfort food in the house.  It just doesn't seem right.  Nevertheless J is going to take me out for a coffee later and maybe get me a present.  I will probably make a nutritious and comforting dinner.  I don't know.

2:13 pm

I had a sandwich for lunch: pumpernickel made with sprouted rye (it's supposed to be easier to digest since the offending chemicals are removed when the seeds sprout) and filled with a little hommus, some cucumbers, plain tofu soy sauce, vegemite and tahini.  Sounds silly but it's healthy I guess and kinda tasty too.

Had it with water and it was pretty hard to eat the whole thing.

I have had lots of tea and put together some cake for afternoon tea.  J ate his up but mine is still sitting in the bowl, I just had a few nibbles on it.  Maybe 3 whole teaspoonsful.

I'm also now drinking a Greek coffee.  Not really doing much for me either.  

Activity-wise I've been cleaning up around the house all morning and now I'm ironing clothes so I can head out this afternoon.  J is being an absolute wonder, helping me to set up the ipod, and now he's out giving my car a quick service! (You know, oil, water, other fluids known to be leaking, um... tyre pressure and the jets you use to clean the windscreen)

What a guy! What an amazing stress relief to have his support!

I'm preparing to encounter some very hot weather down South.  I think I have some suitable clothes and I hope I can still do some exercise in the warmer climate.  Obviously that's not really a priority right now, I probably won't have time anyway.

Damn what a terrible feeling.

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