Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Firing on all 12

Oh my goodness! It's nearly Christmas!

Even stubborn non-Christians like me can't help but get excited at all the tinsel, flashing lights and candy!

I've made toffee, honeycomb, sesame and nut toffee snaps and even some fudge!

I've got chick peas soaking for hommus, I'll be making that tonight - with lots of tahini, lemon, garlic and spices!

I've got 3 eggplants so I can make eggplant and walnut pate.

And I'm thinking of doing a zucchini and coriander dip, maybe with peas... although I'm not entirely sure that making something beetrooty wouldn't go well... or maybe just a nut-based dip such as cashew. I have to do one other dip though and it should ideally be something creative given that I'm making two standard ones!

I'm also cooking up my puddings tomorrow and I've got a surprise to cook tomorrow - even J doesn't know what I'm planning on making! It's not yorkshire pudding or anything like that, it's just something very simple that becomes a bit yummy if it's hand-made properly.

So much for cooking! OK I've also got a mountain of cleaning, I try to at least not leave a mess when I cook! The laundry needs urgent attention though, I barely got to it on the weekend!

Yes, OK I'm obsessing about food a little too much... but it IS Christmas! And I'm just tasting as I go, not having obscene amounts or too little! The only thing that didn't work out very well was my muffins but I was just doing those as an experiment so I would know how much baking powder to use.

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