Saturday, December 20, 2008

Diary 20 December: It's the weekend and I don't wanna stop moving!

7:10 am | 181 cm | still 60kg and happy | BMI 18.3

This morning I'm feeling fresh, energetic and ready for anything! I'm going to spend my weekend doing things I enjoy like:
  • Maybe walking up a small mountain
  • Coffee with a friend at a veggie cafe
  • Exercising (it gives me a rush!)
  • Cleaning (it makes me relax when everything is in order)
  • Working on my writing projects
  • Catching up on some of my professional web-based tasks
  • Phoning my family
I'll be starting with a light pre-breakfast and a cycle - today I'm going for endurance so I'll try and be in there for at least an hour.  I've got a 1.5 L bottle of water and I'll just keep pedalling until I feel stronger!

9:30 am

I had a grazing breakfast of fruit, about 3 almonds, one sesame senbei and matcha tea. Nom nom nom nom nom.  I don't know how many calories it was - it might have been a cup and a half of grapes and a couple tablespoons goji with a quarter of a medium banana. I don't have time to calculate right now.

I also did 40 minutes of cycling on medium intensity (level 5 fwiw) burning 200 cals apparently then did low rows, tricep curls and another 12 minutes of cycling on a higher intensity (including cooldown another 80 Cals)

Oh, I enjoyed showering so much afterwards! I've exfoliated my entire body so I should really think about tanning later on in the day.

So I think I'm at least calorie neutral for the time being and I'm really looking forward to my coffee with a pal in half an hour!

Today I'm using green because I'm feeling fresh, clean and invigorated! I'm even having second thoughts on that coffee although I know if I have just one and it's a good quality espresso I'm going to come home so full of beans and go into a whirlwind of action which will be great!

I read today that Naomi Wolf wrote The Beauty Myth at 25 and I'm reading another amazing book from America written just last year by a woman of 25.  Next year I'm 25 so I think it's a sign that I've got a new year's resolution looking at me!

12:00 pm

Oh my goodness, what a decadent feast we enjoyed! I had a malt-free soy cappuccino and an entire chocolate-coconut ball thingy.  It's like a rumball but just with the coconut (no biscuits or rum) and usually some date and they melt solid chocolate on top (it tastes coconutty too, like they mixed in some coconut oil and added extra cocoa and sugar to make coconut chocolate!)

I started feeling sick halfway through, as you can imagine! But I said to myself it's not turning into a choc-ball sized lump on your thigh, it's turning into glycogen that you're gonna burn by cleaning and shopping and as it turns out I'm also dancing.  So then I managed to enjoy the rest of it.

I'm thinking about making noodles tonight and maybe sticking to nice little rice parcels and sushi and fun little dainty bites like that for much of the rest of the week.  I should have a big rice parcel and sushi cook-up during the weekend then I can take some for our Christmas picnic too! I'll also make some little organic gluten-free cupcakes and maybe some kind of pudding if I'm really feeling ambitious.  I'll need a lot of figs... They're in season but hard to get your hands on!

3:30 pm

We have so much groceries! For some reason I thought it would be really fun to make muesli (it will) and so I have nuts, seeds, flakey and puffy things - the whole works! I also have ingredients for dinner tonight and for cooking for Christmas, which I don't celebrate but hey, he does... and I don't miss a party!

I think it's fairly safe to say by now that I've had some decent quality exercise and basically skipped lunch.  I was thinking J would get hungry soon but I just remembered he had a roll while I was in the Asian grocer getting sticky rice, black sesame seeds (because darker means healthier), basil and mint.

I've even got some hazelnut meal for making ... some kind of hazelnut thing.  Should be fun!

Before I go - my current thoughts on food:

I should mention how aware I am that the exercise of walking around shopping probably burnt off the cappuccino and the bliss ball.  I can feel my tummy grumbling and my everything getting faint but I'm not really thinking about it.  

Another point of interest is that I bought some rye biscuits so I can do a tolerance test.  I can tolerate all the other ingredients and I used to do fine on rye so I'm giving it another burl some time during the break as I'll have a few days to recover if there's a problem.

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Anonymous said...

This is actually a comment on the 19 Decembeer entry.

Widget, you are already strong and brave. Right now much of your strength and courage is going toward dealing with ana/mia.

More another time . . .