Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Catch-up diary: Messed up eating patterns

After the funeral I finally felt it was OK to eat. I ended up having about a 2000 Cal binge.

Yesterday I only ate dinner: some roasted chick-peas and rice crackers with a small bowl of dry muesli.

Over the last week I gained 1kg. I plan to flush it out by drinking lots of water and herbal teas.

I may have lost an inch off my waist: it's now pretty close to 24 where before it was definitely 25. For the record my legs are 20" around the thighs and my hips are about 37.5" My chest measurement though is only 33" making me decidedly bottom-heavy! Just chunky hips and thighs. I intend to deal with those by focusing on good aerobic exercise like cycling and jogging.

I have to eat properly! Saving it all up for a big binge doesn't help at all. I also have to drink enough water. Water water water water water!!!!!

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