Friday, November 28, 2008

Women and dieting

I've got my period and OW it hurts so much!

It's also giving me the usual chocolate cravings so I did some research.

I learned that you burn more fat between ovulation and when you get your period and that before your period the metabolism increases by 10%. An increase of 100-200 calories is indicated for your diet. I just get huuuge cravings on the last day before my period and when I'm burning all that energy on crampiness.

Premenstrual weight gain is apparently caused by fluid only and can be mitigated (if it's a bother) by eating less salt and drinking more water.

It's been suggested that women should pay more attention to their cycles rather than behave as if nothing is happening to us! Many anorexic women actually actively try to avoid having a period because it's too painful or icky and I completely agree with this - I've had times when they were few and far between and I was GLAD!

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