Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I think it's not entirely clear to some people why I am dieting and how I think I should look.

First I am not "triggered" to starve myself to bones and start panicking and fretting by looking at pictures on websites. Pictures on websites are two-dimensional, tiny and not anywhere near as distressing as looking at thin girls on the street. Which I do ALL the time.

Second I don't think it looks cool to be skin and bones. I think it looks weird and I don't want to look like an alien. Maybe some collar bone should be showing, maybe some ribs. Weightlifters do this and you certainly can't see all of their bones and worry about them!

Instead I had this kind of thing in mind:

Nothing extreme - just looking good in fashionable underwear. What's wrong with that?

Actually I'm a little taller than Kate so I guess I had in mind that I would look similar to the picture above but just a little longer. Here's Gisele illustrating the sort of size and shape that I have been in the past:
Oh my goodness! Look at those thighs! I dream and fantasise about thighs like that!

Of course Gisele exercises well and keeps her muscles toned and that is what I will really be focusing on!

Finally I'm going to finish this post by clarifying that I definitely don't want to look like this example of bad parenting:

For so many reasons! Ick! Ick! Ick! and Double ICK!

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