Saturday, November 29, 2008

Party excuses

It's Australia which means it's Summer.

It's also the weekend and that means I have a potential exercise "date" with a friend this morning, a daytime party that I agreed to help prepare and another party to attend in the evening.

My sweetheart is kind of expecting to eat a lot.

I hate that attitude of "I'm socialising so I'm going to be a glutton."  It's OK to indulge oneself sometimes in things one enjoys but food shouldn't be a big deal in a country where there's always enough of it anyway! I remember on school camps when I was like... 8, the other girls would get all excited about going away with friends for a few days and eating sausages, candy, ice-cream and whatever else they wanted, completely unchecked.  I had already picked up my mother's attitudes (you don't eat fatty and sugary foods unless it's Christmas) and really didn't see why that would be their highlight of a trip to a wonderful place!

OK now I hike and pay a lot of attention to taking food and stuff like that - but without it I would really fall over and not get to the top of the mountain! In a social situation I still don't want to eat and stuff myself like an animal.  It's disgusting!  In this particular case it's not any kind of sit-down dinner so I'm saved that indignity until the next office party I guess (and I pre-ordered a salad that I can pick at) but I'll be expected to accept snacks from bowls that will be passed around and drink fancy (ie sugary) cocktails.  Everyone knows I don't drink milk but yeah there will be very fruity concoctions!

I can probably get through the first party by simply offering to pass the bowls around a bit, by saying no to things I'm allergic to and having a drink of mineral water in my hand the whole time.  Nobody is going to really be watching me and there will be some healthy food to sustain me.  I'm going to take my paper diary.

The second party is the one with all the cocktails and it is going to look weird if I don't actively join in.  A bit... puritanical.  Luckily I have 3 cocktail parties during the week.  Maybe 4, I'll have to check my office calendar.  I can simply say that I don't want to drink on the weekend and then have to smile through office cocktails all week too!  I could almost tell this group the truth that I don't want to blow 500 cals on a single cocktail but I don't think it would be wise.  It makes more sense to talk about vitamin deficiency and absorption, weight training and stuff.

I'm looking for a list of not-eating excuses on Google but not finding one! So I also have  a writing project for the day.  But for right now I'm off to do some stretching and then some punishment time on the cross-training machine!

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