Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I'm really starting to have trouble thinking about anything other than dieting. I'm absolutely starving hungry to the point of nausea and pain which makes me want to

1. eat something

2. not eat anything

3. think and talk about the experience and learn from it

At the same time I'm really more concerned with all the things I'm supposed to get finished by the end of the day and over the week, but it's getting kind of extremely difficult to focus. Eventually I know I will get to the point of clarity and will be able to focus very clearly but until that point I feel I'm just everywhere!

It's 20 minutes to 4 and I've eaten about 20 calories. Just got to get to the end of the day somehow! I think I may have earned a coffee with soy milk which will bring me up to about 100 calories and give me the energy I need to finish the day. I will probably have a small bowl of salad for dinner too.

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