Monday, November 17, 2008

Medical treatment and other adventures

So after 2 years of regular purging I had my blood test today to assess the damage. Won't know until next week but I assure you it wasn't pleasant having the test done! My arm still tingles from the stainless steel or lack of blood and the dizziness induced another disgusting binge and purge!

ICK! I'm sick of this shit!

So I've joined a few girls in very carefully watching what we eat and swapping that information for the next week - for me I'll just be happy if I stick to low enough cals that I don't need to purge - I'll be writing down everything I eat and every time I purge in my journal (no it's oK I won't share it with you online, my journal has all the boring details there) and trying to keep myself happy and comfortable above all else!

Because really that's the root of this illness - I don't feel comfortable eating what everyone tells me is "normal" and I don't WANT to be "normal"!!! And now I'm not playing the game any more! I'm just being ME - slim, happy, eating on my timetable and according to my rules. I'm taking control and I'm not giving in!

Stay happy and strong!

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