Thursday, November 27, 2008

Learning more through quality tools

I've been playing around with the tools at and setting up my goals to find out how much I should eat, things like that.

First, I put in my current and goal weights along with my activity level, to find out that to reach my goal weight by the end of January I should eat 1300 cals per day. They don't recommend going under 1200 for women or 1500 for men.

Then I did a quiz - turns out that I'm a social eater and that I generally need to pay more attention to the signals I get from everyone else. I guess with my ED and desire to please everyone I've learnt to really pretend to everyone that I'm eating properly and I'm really up to the stage where I'm lying to myself as well as everyone around me. I must pay more attention to that.

I'm also reading through their exercise plan - I think it's one I can fit into my schedule and I love that they have huge lists of resources for any question readers might have!

Best of all they have a tool that logs food in and exercise out over any given time frame - I'll be logging all of mine and posting reports!


Anonymous said...

SINGING AND STRESS"--[A] study of college singers . . . found that singing releases chemicals that create a sense of happiness and well-being in the brain. Singing boosted immunoglobulin A, or IgA, a hormone that can overpower the stress hormone cortisol in the students [Robert] Beck studied, activating their immune systems and flooding their bodies with 'good protein.' 'The emotion around the singing seemed to be what increased it,' Beck said of the IgA. 'People who say they have a pleasant experience while singing have more IgA.'" Thought you might be interested -- Spider

Widget said...

I'm impressed! My hiking buddy is a classical bass and I'm a jazz soprano but I can force an alto cos folks say it's sexier.

We say that singing is a good work-out particularly for the abs and sing ourselves up steep paths but now it's also good for shifting fat!