Sunday, November 30, 2008

Food diary 30 November 2008

For breakfast: 9:00 am

Organic Mountain dried banana = 84 Cals
Greek coffee with sugar = 10 Cals
Felt fine - no urge to eat more

For lunch: 1:30 pm

5 tamari almonds (roasted myself - no oil) = ~ 50 Cals
Rice, split pea and lentil soup (cooked myself - no extra oil) = ~ 500 Cals
Half a medjool date = 25 Cals

Afterwards I felt some urge to continue munching away even though my tummy felt full.  Instead I poured a few glasses of water and cuddled my hunny while he was watching a movie!  It's now afternoon tea time and he's off to get me some sparkling mineral water.

For afternoon tea: 3:30 pm
Greek Coffee = 10 Cals

I'm just a little anxious about dinner because I'm making a roast and I hope I can keep it pretty light.  I'll be flavouring with garlic, onion, oregano and some lemon so I'll try not to overdo it on the oil and salt.  

I'm roasting potato, sweet potato, cauliflower, carrot and pumpkin!! Nom nom nom (My baby really deserves a treat so I'm excited to make it for him!)

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