Sunday, November 30, 2008

Food diary 29 November 2008

This one's not very precise unfortunately as I ate at parties.

Before leaving the house I had a date - 45 cals

At the party I had a sit-down lunch of a teeny helping of nachos (gluten and corn free!) and some celery sticks in a dab of hommus. - I estimate 500 cals

I had a shot or two of vodka to get started - 100 cals

I spent the rest of the day drinking watered down punch and nibbling the celery.  I estimate another 500 cals.

I estimate yeah a bit over 1000 cals the day - in my defence it was a reasonably active day though... :(

Actually I'm a bit disappointed that I had to sit down and eat the nachos but I guess it's done now! I also don't think I gained anything from drinking the alcohol although it was nice to have a coloured and slightly sweet drink in my hand. Next time I'll stick to the kiddie punch! I'm going to do more reading and meditating so that I really feel motivated to steer clear of unhealthy influences like alcohol.  On the plus side I was proud of myself for not binging and I know I've made some progress there!

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