Thursday, November 27, 2008

Food diary 28 November 2008

On the clock from yesterday: 246 Cals
I believe the French diet described in French Women Don't Get Fat has the best method for dealing with life's little excesses: just note them and compensate. So that's what I'll be doing today.

Tonight is office drinks and date night. I might stick to water (for my health and vitamin absorption) and he agreed to something not too fussy so I don't get flustered. He doesn't like to fuss.

Breakfast of course includes my vitamin B12 supplement. I've been avoiding them at night because I hate dreams - they are out of control and I often wake up very disturbed.

Next was a chocolate sesame snap: 45 Cals.

Morning tea: 10:40am
Mood before meal: OW! OW! OW! OW!! OW! OW! OW!!! OW!!!!!!! I've got my period and it really really really really hurts!
And I'm getting nauseous from the cramping. Please somebody bring me a glass of vodka or an aspirin or something!

1x organic mountain banana = 84 cals
1x pink lady apple = 110 cals

Lunch: 12:10pm
1 slice of quinoa bread = 165 cals
Marmite = 10 cals
1x organic mountain dried banana = 84 cals

Mid-afternoon "I've got my period and I need the energy" binge
1 apple
Another dried banana (that's plenty for today I think)
A cup of roasted peas
A cup of roasted chick-peas
Half a cup of sultanas

I feel sore.

Afternoon/evening snacky thing: 4:00pm
1/2 a red grapefruit: 55 Cals
Black coffee

Feel good.

Total count for the day:

There's not much information about how many calories are in roasted chick peas and peas so I'm going to guess based on the calories in nuts and assume I ate around 1500 = that's a bit over 2000 for the day.  This is approximately my maintenance quantity and now that the luteal phase of my period is over and the cramping has stopped and all that I am totally not hungry any more so I've no concerns whatsoever about it! According to my reading it doesn't really stay and according to my scales I've just dropped about 3-4 pounds of stored fluid!

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