Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Food diary 26 November 2008

I've been advised to eat every 3 hours to ensure my stomach remains full and to drink plenty of water. So this means I want about 250cals at 9, 12, 3 and 6 to meet my daily target. Approximately. So here's day 1 of this new scheme:

Breakfast: 9:00am (at work)
Mood before meal - OK I guess but a bit slow to wake up today.
QuantityFood typeCalories
1xBlackmore's Vitamin B12Negligible
1xOrganic Mountain dried banana84
1xPink Lady apple110
about 1/4Papaya50
1 mugDilmah Morrocan Mint green teanegligible
Total=244 cals
Mood after meal - Not really any more energetic but I guess I can tell that my body has started up now. I know all that fruity fibre will keep things moving unlike last week when I was not eating carefully enough. Unfortunately encouraging my stomach to wake up is also encouraging it that it's STARVING! Overall, though, I definitely feel more secure about taking my food more carefully and its likely effect on my tendency to binge. Next intended meal at 12.

Lunch: 12:00pm (at my desk)
Mood before meal: Pretty hungry and I've been thinking about food all morning on and off but I'm OK I guess
QuantityFood typeCalories
1xVery thin slice of quinoa bread
1 tsp
Sanitarium marmite
1xPink grapefruit85
1 mugDilmah Morrocan Mint green teanegligible
Total=253 cals
Mood after meal: Actually this is kind of an awkward one. Part of me feels very very full and part of me feels very very empty. This is the kind of time when I often simply start shoving food into my mouth on auto-pilot so instead I'm going to shut down the browser and really throw myself into this afternoon's work!

Coffee and a mint: 2:00pm (at my desk)
Mood before coffee: Very tired!
QuantityFood typeCalories
1/4 cup
Coffee made with Vitasoy rice milk protein enriched
1 cup
Black coffee instead!
Double D Summer Mint
Total=34 Cals
Reflection afterwards: Black coffee is easier on the stomach than white coffee and no cals! I used to only have cappuccino as a weekend breakfast treat and I am returning to that policy!

Afternoon tea: 3:00pm (at my desk)
Mood before meal: Starting to crash for the day but still plenty of work to get through!
QuantityFood typeCalories
1xOrganic Mountain dried banana
Organic medjool date
small handfull
Roasted peas and chickpeas from the office tin
1 mugDilmah Morrocan Mint green teanegligible
Total=232 cals
Mood after meal: At first I wasn't really satisfied but then I drank some more water and now I guess I feel pretty good. Having something with just a little carbohydrate.

Dinner (See food diary for 27 November for more about this)
Binge consisting of 4 bowls of basmati rice, a banana with a teaspoon of raw sugar and a handful of nuts and seeds - purged. I may have digested 500cals as the rice was 1st down.
At least the binge was all low-GI so I didn't crash and wake up starving again.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your plan. The idea of eating frequently sounds quite sensible. Hope it works for you.


Widget said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Unfortunately I was already eating pretty frequently and it's not working out quite as well as it sounded on paper but I live in hope of a day when I don't hate everything about my shape!