Friday, November 21, 2008

Exercising is the new purging and fasting

I decided to learn more about this exercising thing so I compensated for my roasted mixed nuts by starting with an hour of Carmen Electra's Fit to Strip which I hadn't done for a while.

First I noticed that dieting has definitely improved the stomach I see on myself while doing these exercises - I had been looking down and feeling disgusted at what I saw hanging from my tummy whereas now I feel much better about it although there's still some problems.

Second I was pleased to see that it was a lot easier than the last time I tried it - I made it all the way through the main exercises and the isolations! I think next time I may even use a small amount of weights and do the harder version or more reps although this time I know I still gained a valuable workout (ie pushed myself a bit) because I definitely have sore bits particularly around my back and shoulders and I know I'll work out my lower body on tomorrow morning's hike.

I also did some reading on exercise and nutrition at this website and I learnt that by restricting only moderately (as opposed to fasting) I can actually maintain my muscle while losing fat and if I've never exercised heavily before I can even gain muscle while losing fat!   I love exercising and feeling strong and I know it gives me more focus, mental endurance and physical comfort so I intend to keep exercising.  I used the calorie calculator and found that as a zero to light exerciser I can expect to burn 1700 to 2000 calories each day giving me a daily calorie count of 1200-1500 however I still don't intend to go over 1000 and have no problems keeping my energy levels up at this count!!!

The exercise also helps to moderate my appetite so that I don't feel the urge to binge or completely run empty but just stay reasonably normal.  A doctor once recommended that to me but I guess I didn't have the energy to try it! So have something to eat and go burn it off! It's awesome fun!

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